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Who are we?

We are a unique and innovative law firm, specializing mainly in the high-tech world.

Founded in 2019 by Adv Omer Mor, a former management member and ex General Counsel of a NASDAQ-traded global high-tech company, with vast experience of more than 12 years as an in-house legal counsel of leading technological companies.


What is our mission?

Helping our clients grow and expand. We push forward and support the business, and never compromise on the legal interests of our clients.


What do we do?

We talk the business language and are experts in providing very practical and business oriented legal advice.

Unlike most traditional law firms, who focus only on how to protect their clients, we go one step further and focus also on how our work will help our clients grow and expand. 


How do we do it?

Based on our founder's unique know how and experience, we developed a special methodology and approach which guarantees that our work will be fast, practical, accurate and highly business driven.


Why do we do it?

For us, innovation starts with a different approach. Combining our unique and innovative approach with the legal work, helps not only to innovate the legal industry but also to secure outstanding results for our clients.


Before founding his firm, Omer worked as an in-house lawyer in several leading tech companies. He served as the General Legal Counsel and had a management position at a NASDAQ-traded global high-tech company. His other positions included that of In-House Legal Counsel, Vice President and HR Director of a high-tech company. In his many years of service as a In-House legal counsel, Omer worked closely with the Board of Directors, management, finance, the marketing and sales division, HR and R&D. He subsequently served as a partner in a large international law firm.


Our team includes lawyers with vast executive, business and legal experience for leading companies.

Like the company’s founder, Omer Mor, all of the team members are energetic and positive, with great administrative and business fortitude and determination. Because our team understands your vision, objectives, and executive perceptions, we are able to offer considerable added value beyond standard legal counseling.


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We understand you better

Working for many years as in-house legal counsels ourselves, we intimately know the high tech unique needs of these companies, and the way they operate, and conduct their business.

We are results driven

Thanks to our experience and unique approach.

We are experts in Implementation 

We understand from personal experience, how in-house attorneys think and operate. This helps us implement our work in such a way that fits very accurately our clients' needs and culture.


Our strategic approach

We developed and possess the same strategic approach executives have, talking the same "executives" language.


"Innovation begins with an approach,

then comes the technology"

(Omer Mor)


Outsourced In-House

legal counsel

General Counsel for hire

Supporting Sales

Supporting Procurement

DPO for Hire and Privacy

Smart Contracts


General Counsel Consulting



Save money: We'll save you recruitment fees, as well as reduce the time it takes for senior legal consultants to become acclimated. We reduce the risk that a new senior consultant will not be suitable.

Reducing workload: Our rule is to launch projects and allow you to trust us to take initiatives and follow through on them according to company policies.

Enjoy peace of mind and the opportunity to focus on managing and doing what is really important to you.

Simplifying negotiations:

We conduct effective negotiations with your clients, partners and vendors, based on the principle that everybody wins through a friendly dialogue while neutralizing personal interests of the personnel of the other parties.

Save time and trouble: We’re independent and lead processes according to your policies. There’s no need to manage us on a daily basis.

Promoting your company’s objectives: We have a business understanding and strategic vision that enable us to focus on your company’s objectives at the highest level. We can advance initiatives using legal and business tools in order to meet your objectives.

Reducing bureaucracy of procurement and operations processes: We can create an array of options for procurement and operations that are almost automatic and will save resources.

Better ROI: thanks to our proven track of easily blending with our clients we will quickly adapt our work to your environment, and be extremely productive from day one.

Simplifying processes: We often apply business and non-legalistic measures to solve otherwise complex legal problems.


“Omer fit in with the company really quickly; it feels like he is really living and breathing our unique way of work as a technological and global company. He adjusted himself naturally to the language and the culture of the organization. That’s why it really feels like he is one of us.”

“Omer was once a General Counsel and a member of the management of a major company. He therefore understands precisely the challenges I face as the company’s Head of Legal. Drawing on his vast experience, he is able to offer a lot of help finding solutions to the problems we encounter.”

“Unlike many lawyers I’ve worked with, Omer has a very sophisticated understanding of the business side and he speaks the business language. As a result, he is able to combine his legal input with the strategy and objectives of our company.”

“Omer just makes things happen. He is very objective-oriented, and he is always available and flexible. He has a vast store of knowledge and valuable legal experience, probably from his work in similar companies. He is a great team player with us.”

“The difference between Omer and other external advisers that we hired is that he operates according to a practical system and methodology focused on business outputs. Unlike many legal consultants, he is focused on how to get things moving, rather than on being careful and slowing down.”

“Omer doesn’t place a heavy burden of work on our team. Instead, he and his team actually get things done independently and relieve us of many tasks. From the short emails they write, through the energetic language, to their outstanding interpersonal relationships (they quickly blended into the environment of our office), Omer’s firm really feels like an integral organ of our company.”



 For whom are We Suitable?


International and global companies or companies seeking to break into the global market or expand their scale of activity; Companies with technological, high-tech orientations or from advanced industries like Biotech, Cloud service operators, Cyber Security, Telecommunication and IT, CleanTech, Medicine and Medical device, Fintech, etc.; Large services providers with global and advanced business orientations; Companies that seek to grow, evolve and achieve advanced business objectives;

Companies that want to obtain leadership positions in their business sectors, both nationally and internationally.

For whom are We Not Suitable?

Our work is not suitable for companies that are conducted as in the past and that avoid innovation and undertaking new ventures. These are companies that prefer an “old school” tough legal consultant who fights for everything and presents obstacles to every step; companies that are willing to be burdened with legal paperwork, battles and battling; companies that are focused on survival rather than growth.



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Tel: 03-6012494

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