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Developing a Software? You Can Increase Revenues by 20% if You Include Certain Clauses in a Software License Agreement in Advance.

It appears that it is possible to increase revenues from a license agreement even without raising its price or disrupting relations with clients. How? Simply insert suitable legal clauses into the license agreement from the beginning that will enable you to expand the limits of the license in the future. And as mentioned, everything is agreed upon in advance by the client. Click here to read more


Director of an IT Company? You Can Reduce Fines that Your Company Pays to Clients for Delays and Faulty Products or Service.

Who hasn’t experienced this situation? You have just signed the agreement and started working with a big client that finds a fault and fines you for it. Consequently, your profits decline and your original planning and P&L must be revised. Click here to read more

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Director of a Technological Company? You Can Increase Annual Revenue by 15% with Some Simple Modifications to the Service Contract.

In the initial stages of planning a new technological project, you must take into account all the malfunctions and errors that could happen, who the client is, what are the client’s demands, and how many hours of development, implementation and support will it take to complete the project. When issuing a tender, price estimations about such projects may not be precise, and this can affect your ability to win the tender or to achieve profitability. Click here to read more


How Can You Market a Product that Has been Developed and Sold to a Company that Demanded Exclusivity to Other Clients in a Legal and Orderly Manner?

You worked hard for a year; you invested thousands of working hours in smart and innovating developments, in countless internal meetings, in endless discussions with the board and with the investors, and the client demanded that the product be developed exclusively for its use. The terms with the client prohibit you from selling same product to other clients. Click here to read more


CEO and Chairman of a Company? The Agreements with Your Clients Will Improve the Revenues that You Can Recognize in your Financial Statements.

One of the most important issues for any company, shareholder or investor, is the ability of the company to recognize revenues. This is the foundation for demonstrating the company’s success to the investors and shareholders. The money and cash flow don’t really matter. Rather, the presentation of revenues is critical for how a company appears to those examining it from the outside, and for the company’s financial advancement. Click here to read more


How to Reduce High Costs of Changing Vendors?

You work with several main vendors, and you invested a lot of time and money in finding these suppliers and maintaining the agreements with them. You also invested a lot of development resources, and the components of these vendors are necessary for your product; indeed, they are an inseparable part of it. Now the agreement with one of the suppliers is about to expire, and you understand that in addition to the short-term loss of the vendor, you are going to have to invest a lot of resources in finding an alternative vendor.  Click here to read more

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Innovation and the New Lawyer.

Today, people are talking about the changes in the field of law. Notable among the changes discussed are the innovations generated by the technology field. 

It seems like every day a new start-up sprouts up, with innovative and breakthrough technology. But does innovation necessarily mean technology?

Click here to read more


When Should a Start-Up Hire Its First In House Legal Counsel?

Many companies around the globe hire In House Legal Counsel to run the legal matters of the company. This trend is increasing not only among big companies, public and global, but also among small and local companies.

Click here to read more


Hybrid Legal Consultation in the Time of Coronavirus: A New Profession Arises.

The global coronavirus crisis presents a myriad of challenges, and creates a new reality where uncertainty prevails. It seems that no industry or company, whether local or global, has been unaffected. All need to reassess and make adjustment and many changes. Click here to read more


Post Coronavirus Crisis Legal Consultant for High-Tech Companies: Is It Really Unchanged?

The coronavirus has created and continues to create a new reality. It’s obvious to everyone that life after the coronavirus isn’t going to be the same as before. Most employees around the world are now working from home, and many ideas are being discussed. Managements of high-tech companies to which my firm provides services are starting to realize that changes need to be made in how people work. Click here to read more


Getting back to work? How prepared are you?

And your legal department?

There are talks about getting back to the office and getting back to work.
Companies expect to get back to the same volume of business, and some are even looking to increase it and find new opportunities.
How prepared is your legal department for getting back to work?
Is it possible to support the anticipated increased workload, when the budget is tight? 
Click here to read more


Dear management,

to what extent is your legal counsel a business anchor?

We all have anchors in our personal life, whether it is our family, our hobbies and sports. Anchors are important, as they help us to keep balanced and connected with ourselves and they help us to grow.

In business, every company has its own anchors, that give it the strengths, uniqueness and advantages over its competitors.

Click here to read more


The legal counsel as the radar of the company

The role of the legal counsel is to lead and manage the company's legal domain.

The question is whether there is nothing more to this role?

Whether it is contracts and engagements with customers, vendors and partners, whether it is on going advice on labor law, and whether it is advice on and the implementation of the various local and international regulation a company is subject to. Click here to read more


  Dear CEO, does your company also check the health of the     


   The recent changes in the global world prove that companies that adapt     

   and grow during times of crisis, are healthy companies.

   To grow, a company must know how to generate transactions regularly and 

   consistently, and to be a healthy the company needs healthy deals.

   By using smartly and correctly the contract and the legal counsels of the

   company, the company can map and de-neutralize in advance, mines and

   gaps, and this will help it to secure a healthy one.

   When the mines and gaps were not mapped and de-neutralized in advance,

   the deal is not healthy. Click here to read more


 Does your Legal Counsel Contribute to Your Company's Health?

 The health of an organization is based on its ability to align around a clear     vision, strategy, and culture; to execute with excellence; and to renew the   organization’s focus over time by responding to market trends, in order to   sustain record performance over time.

 The question is, does your legal counsel contribute to your company's   health?  Click here to read more


 Does your Legal Counsel Impact Your Company's Culture?

  According to the Boston Consulting Group, organizational health is key for 

  achieving  high performance, and the company's culture is essential for its      health.  Can the company's legal counsel impact the company's

  culture? Click here to read more


Are you an entrepreneur? There are obstacles you must be aware of 

What do WhatsApp, Groupon, Instagram and Airbnb have in common?

They are very successful companies that changed the world, and that started during a major economic crisis.

Do you have a brilliant idea? Are you full of enthusiasm and are certain that you are going to change the world? 

Before rushing forward, you should be aware of some obstacles that you must be prepared for, and be ready to implement legal mechanisms that will help you build a successful company.

Press the link below, to see some case studies. 

Click here to read more


Dear Legal Department, how do you manage your overload during the Corona era? 

Legal departments need assistance from time to time, with their ongoing work.

While hiring a new member to the team may seem the right thing to do, the uncertainty which the Corona era brings together with an ever changing demand for the capacity of the legal work, require companies to think differently. 

There is a solution which provides the legal department with a flexible extension,  allowing it to benefit from the advantages of an In-House legal counsel, without the burden of expensive employment costs, unexpected billings and hidden unemployment.   

Click here to read more

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