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Dear management, to what extent is your legal counsel a business anchor?


We all have anchors in our personal life, whether it is our family, our hobbies and sports.

Anchors are important, as they help us to keep balanced and connected with ourselves and they help us to grow.

In business, every company has its own anchors, that give it the strengths, uniqueness and advantages over its competitors.

Whether it is the technology or a unique service, a strong sales team or client base, and whether it is the company's employees.

The question is, to what extent is the legal counsel a business anchor for a company?

The legal counsel works with many factors of the company. It is connected on one side to the management, the vision and strategy of the company and on the other side, it is working closely with those who execute the companies' activities, such as sales, procurement, R&D, and HR. 

To what extent and how can the legal counsel act as a business anchor for the company?  Meaning, on one hand, allowing the boat to maneuver in its competitive field and on the other hand, ensuring that it will not get disconnected from its strategy and the management's guidelines and policies?

I believe that this is exactly the role of the legal counsel, and there are many examples that illustrate this:

  • The legal counsel will ensure, that negotiations and contracts will be held and closed according to the company's strategy and business model.

  • The legal counsel will ensure, for those companies who have an anchor of credibility, that the contracts will have mechanisms that allow the company to fulfill the customers' needs while meeting its commitments without breaching them.

  • For a company that has an anchor of keeping its IP and not transferring it to its customers, and which desires to close a huge deal with a customer that insists that the IP shall belong it:The legal counsel will ensure that the agreement with this customer, shall have advanced and smart mechanisms that will support the deal, but in full compliance with the company's strategy and anchor.

  • The legal counsel will ensure that the company's employment agreements will be clear and friendly enough, in order to attract talents that the company would like to hire, whilst not compromising on the company's principles.

  • And finally, the legal counsel needs to have an approach that suits the company's approach. A company with an advanced and positive approach of growth, and with the agenda of promoting with its partners joint goals rather than conflicting or contradictory ones, must have a legal counsel with a similar advanced and positive approach, that does not say no all the time.


How do we at Mor Legal, act as a business anchor for those companies we are working with?

Talk to us and find out.

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