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Developing a Software? You Can Increase Revenues by 20% if You Include Certain Clauses in a Software License Agreement in Advance.


It appears that it is possible to increase revenues from a license agreement even without raising its price or disrupting relations with clients.

How? Simply insert suitable legal clauses into the license agreement from the beginning that will enable you to expand the limits of the license in the future. And as mentioned, everything is agreed upon in advance by the client.

I worked with a global high-tech client that had a massive agreement with a top international company that wanted the license agreement to meet all of its technical and business demands.

Understanding that the company had a large scale of activity in another territory, and that the company intended to expand its activity to another line of business in the future.

I suggested to the CEO of my client to include specific clauses in the license agreement in advance, knowing that there would undoubtedly be future developments. As a result, the international company subsequently ordered another license from my client, providing additional revenues of millions of dollars and expanding the business.

A good legal consultant is much more than a lawyer. The client’s legal interests must be protected, of course. But good legal consulting can also move a company forward, and a good legal consultant today should be prepared to support the growth of a company and even pave the way for it to advance without compromising on legal interests.

A legal consultant today must understand all the business considerations, be connected with the business environment in which the company works, be connected with the clients, the technology, and the business model, and have a deep understanding of the company’s objectives.

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