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Getting back to work? How prepared are you


In the hi-tech industry around the world, there are talks about getting back to the office and getting back to work.

Many companies expect to get back to the same volume of business that existed before the Corona crisis, and some are even looking to increase it and find new opportunities.

The company's legal department is an important function, which assists the company in various matters, and is often perceived as a bottle neck.

How prepared is the legal department for getting back to work?

It is known that even during times of slowdowns, such as the Corona crisis, the overload of the legal departments is not reduced.

Whether it is privacy, advice regarding agreements which management is considering to re-negotiate,  advice regarding employees or a deal which is critical and must be closed ASAP, the legal work is not reduced and often, even increases during crisis times.

There is now an expectation that the volume of business will increase, that the overload of the legal department will also increase but, on the other hand, the environment does not allow to recruit new legal personnel and hire additional assistance.

What can be done?  How is it possible to support the anticipated increased workload, when the budget is tight?

How is it possible to support growth without exceeding the budget?

This is exactly, where the In-House Leal Counsel in an outsourced model solution comes in, a solution which supports growth very accurately, without exceeding the budget. 

In this model:

  • An external legal counsel will support the company's legal department, exactly in the same manner as its very own in-house counsel works:

  • He will work in a practical and business oriented approach, while adapting and implementing his work specifically to the environment and language of the company;

  • He will support the activities of the company and assist it to move forward, while maintaining the advantages of a flexible outsourced model.

The outsourced model will allow the company:

  • To maintain its costs in accordance with the actual work;

  • To receive assistance on site and from remote;

  • To save up to 30% of the on going legal costs it would have paid to other external legal providers. 

Our solution works very successfully with global hi-tech companies around the world.

So why do customers want to work with Mor Legal?

You are welcome to contact us and find out.

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